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New in Amsterdam: Original Nuru Massage from our escort girls.

When getting a Nuru massage the escort girl will rub your entire body with special Nuru gel and slide on you for a perfect body to body massage. It is actually one of the most healthy relaxing massages, as seaweed cleanses and detoxify the body making it an excellent herbal body treatment.

The skin absorbs the Nuru minerals that are essential for restoring its tone and vitality. These minerals in the Nuru help to disperse local fatty deposits ensuring soft, fresh and healthy looking skin.

Many massage parlours in Japan offer the Nuru Massage.

 ZsaZsa Escort Amsterdam is the first one to offer this treatment in the privacy of your Amsterdam hotel or apartment.

Duration: 1,5 hrs|Amsterdam € 300

⇒price includes transportation within Amsterdam city limits⇐

ZsaZsa Escort Amsterdam welcomes all our massage fans to have a relaxing experience.

May our escort Nuru massage release you from tensions and stress!

What is NURU Massage?

NURU massage originated in Japan and it involves using a gel made from seaweed (Nori) and body-to-body contact. Colorless, scentless & tasteless, the gel is slick, almost like silicone, which helps reduce friction from the massage.
ZsaZsa Escort Amsterdam only uses the 100% authentic Nuru gel from Japan. Clean up is easy, it is not messy at all!

Now that we have the generic description out of the way… You’re probably wondering, “So what is it really like???”
It is pure, erotic fun!

Nuru Massage from an escort girl:

I will invite to take a shower…
The mood is set, relaxation has started and your body is ready for the Amsterdam Nuru experience. I then pour the gel, over you and myself, that, in itself, feels like nothing you’ve ever felt before! We then, slip and slide all over a sexy, sensual sheet, designed especially for play.
Expect sensual overload, and expect to laugh A LOT!
This session is not like how it is portrayed in the porn videos online. It requires high energy…

If you want to just lay there, go with the ying and yang 🙂

Another Escort girl:

Let me start with explaining what NURU gel is. A special Japanese gel made from deep seaweed. You will wonder how a colourless and tasteless gel can change your mood for better after a stressful day. My experience in massage led me to try different gels to give you the perfect body to body massage. Yes, the answer is NURU gel.

The word Nuru means ‘slippery’. The gel is not only slippery but very exciting in the right hands… Trust me NURU massage is something you have to experience in a lifetime. Well I am sure once you try you will want more.

This is what you will get when you book me for your Amsterdam escort NURU massage;

your entire body will be rubbed with NURU gel and your mind will be as slippery as your whole body while I carry on using the magic of this amazing gel on you. Cool and comfortable feeling of NURU gel will cover every part of our body. Your skin will absorb the NURU minerals from my hands and body which will restore your body’s tone and vitality. Softness and freshness of your skin will amaze you after a NURU massage.

Many massage parlors and escort’s in Japan offer the NURU massage because of its help for a healthy skin. But you don’t have to travel so far for this great experience: your independent Amsterdam escort Kisha one mail away…

Your body and mind needs this. But let me warn you it will get seriously slippery when wet!”

XXX Kisha

For more information or an appointment send an E-mail to Ruby@zsazsa.biz
She will reply your mail straight away.


The ZsaZsa Amsterdam Escort Agency strongly appose’s to any kind of force, both physical or mental. We also do believe that being an escort is a very nice job if it is done the right way!

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