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The Chocolate Lollipop – A Dream Come True

He still feared this to be a scam, it sounded and looked too good to be true.  A couple of 19 year-old beautiful lesbians willing to share his bed, this sounded like the ideal trio experience!

He replied the add with an email describing himself and asking for some more details on the two girls, on what they liked and disliked.

As had been the case for so many emails sent in reply to escort adds, he did not really expect to receive a reply. But it was worth the try! To his surprise the reply arrived the following day.

A short and somewhat indifferent email message explained the two girls charged one single, non-negotiable fee of 250€ for 90 minutes. It also confirmed the two girls where available for the day he had in mind. They could sexually do anything except Greek.

Anal Sex

Greek is a sexual fixation in males that he does not understand. And in the escort world, whether a lady will perform greek or not seems to make all the difference. Providers who will offer such a service usually charge more than the others. Apparently many men adore penetrating a woman’s anus. That would be another subject for anthropological essays, he often thinks.

Half discouraged by the tone of their message, he wrote back describing exactly what he was looking for, asking for confirmation that both were indeed a couple, and that sex would not be faked or acted. They immediately replied positively, sending him more nude pictures, none explicit, but confirming the authenticity of their young and beautiful bodies.

The tone remained the same, no warmth, it was a “let’s get down to business without bullshit” kind of tone.

And when the next day he called them on the phone, to arrange the details of their meeting, the girl he spoke had that same tone in her voice. She wasn’t friendly, she was educated, but distant, not friendly. Not really encouraging for him who was looking for tenderness and sensuality!

For this reason, he doubted until the precise day for their meeting, he doubted until early evening of that day, whether he should not cancel his unsafe and expensive plan.

Appointment confirmed.

In the end, remembering that he had often been fooled by first impressions, he ended up confirming the appointment to the girls. All three agreed to meet on the sidewalk outside his hotel, so any of them could back off in case there were any questions about the other’s intentions or reliability, retreat before it was too late.

When he first saw Sofia and Alexandra on that sidewalk his worries vanished instantly. They were two young girls, they had very pleasant faces, acted really natural and candid. They seemed pleased at discovering what kind of man he was.

They looked at him sweetly and he thought he had been right not to give in to his fears. They were not cold at all, and above all did not feel like those extremist militant lesbians that seem about to bark when men come too close. Nor was it one of these lesbian couples where one of the girls is “the Man”, acting and dressing very masculine. They just looked exactly like two teenager friends!

But in spite of their extreme youth, both sounded very mature and straightforward. They were adult souls in teenish bodies. After a first relaxed chat on the sidewalk, they all decided to go ahead with their plans. The girls entered the hotel lobby behind him, and they all rushed to the elevators under the gaze of the evening receptionist.

Alexandra and Sofia started kissing each other in the elevator, he did not know if to arouse him or to comfort each other, possibly both. Those were true kisses and they instantly shook away his last doubts about a possible scam. These two girls looked and felt like they really loved each other.

The three of them first had some red wine and a nice long…

To be continued… 

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Escort adventures | A Dream Come True | Amsterdam and beyond | Part 1

The tales of a gentleman in the world of call girls and escortservices in Amsterdam and ...

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