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Escort adventures | A dream come true | Amsterdam and beyond | Part 3


The tales of a gentleman in the world of call girls and escortservices in Amsterdam and beyond. The real stories from a real client…

… During the following weeks he asked his escort friends if they new a lesbian or bisexual female couple who would be exhibitionist enough to welcome him for a session. It was very important that they would not fake their mutual feelings. Sadly his friends knew of nobody to match the description. So he parked the idea until further notice. Quality over quantity!

Some days ago he was browsing an internet advertising site for escorts but also for swingers and adult personals. Sorting through fake pictures of fake people offering fake sexual paradises, and through real pictures of well-hung male attributes offering themselves free of charge to any lady, an ad caught his attention. A black and white picture of two embraced young female bodies with the following message: “Do you dare? Haven’t you always dreamt of being with two women? This is your chance”. The ad’s details explained that the two girls were a bi-sexual couple, and clearly stated that would-be candidates to such an experience should first contact them by email.

The add did not include any phone number for contact. 

From his experience he knows independent escorts will almost always ask their customers to contact them by phone, and will seldom reply to sms let alone emails. On the telephone the girl can actually tell if who is calling is serious or not, young or mature, reliable or not reliable. They usually do not even include an email address in their ads. So in this case the total absence of a phone number felt like a sign that the ad was from real “amateurs” and not some kind of disguised “pro” marketing.

He studied the poster’s profile pictures, they showed the same slender bodies as in the ad, in different positions, all sweet and candid, all in black and white. Tasteful pictures made by a decent photographer. He ran the photographs though internet tools that detect images stolen from other websites, with negative results. It did seem the pictures where authentic. The two girls were in their late teens.

He still feared this to be a scam, it sounded and looked too good to be true…


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