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Escort Adventures | A Dream come true | Amsterdam and beyond | Part 2


The tales of a gentleman in the world of call girls and escortservices in Amsterdam and beyond. The real stories from a real client…

His first trio ever, well… was not really a trio. In fact it wasn’t even a sexual experience. Almost a year ago, he entered a legitimate and no-happy-ending thai massage parlour, ready for a relaxing massage. A charming asian lady greeted him, she was alone, this was a bad afternoon for business, as it was raining heavily outside.

… He remembers being startled at the decoration details.

Under the massage table, in line with the hole made for his face, just under his nose, a large bowl of clear class was placed for his delight, with exotic flowers floating in water, and giving off a nice, subtle smell.

He remembers the cosy feeling of his therapists’s warm hands sliding on his bare skin, the warmth of massage as opposed to the outside rain, he remembers thinking that this place’s atmosphere by itself largely compensated the absence of happy ending. He muttered to the girl that the massage could extend to ninety minutes.

He remembers a slight crack, the muffled noise of a door opening, the silky sound of female steps coming closer, and the echo of slight whispers between his therapist and the newly arrived girl, better said, the newly arrived fairy.

He recalls feeling startled when the first lady told him: “Today business “nicht so viel”, we give you ‘vier’-hand massage, for same price, ‘gut’?” Despite his very limited knowledge of german language, he remembers accepting, suddenly thrilled at the idea of getting a four-hand massage, his first trio!

After that moment, everything becomes blurry in his mind, he can’t remember anything clearly.

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The four-hand massage resulted in a confusing experience. When receiving massage he usually focuses intensely on everything that is happening, on how and where those warm hands touch his skin, on what relief they produce beneath the skin, but also on the sound of the therapist’s breath, the subtle sound of her clothes as she moves , the sound of her feet against the ground… All this is part of the massage experience.

Adventures with sexworkers in Amsterdam and beyond. The Chocolate Lollipop.

With two simultaneous masseurs, he quickly realized he could not focus on anything, since too much was happening at the same time. It was as if his senses did not have enough computing power to process double the usual amount of data coming through. He felt like a puppet being moved around by four uncoordinated hands. At one point he smiled to himself as he pictured in his mind images from Madonna’s videoclip for the single “Like a Virgin”, where the star appears lying in bed with dozens of men’s hands touching her from every corner of the screen. What a vision!

Glamorous experience that of four-hand massage! But emotionless, pleasure-less, and still very far from his fantasy of sexual intimacy with two ladies. That would have to wait.

His second try at a trio was a real one. Two women having sex with him. Or better said, him trying to have sex with two women. Trying hard to please two ladies. Last november when visiting an escort at her apartment, she offered that her roommate join them for a small additional sum. He accepted as he found both girls very attractive.

Amsterdam Escort 2017

The result was probably more confusing than a four-hand massage. It was impossible to focus on the two girls at the same time. Two mouths, four breasts, four hands and legs, two vulvae proved to be far more than his two hands, one mouth and one penis could pay reasonable attention to.

But more important, there was absolutely no chemistry between his two partners, none felt any attraction for the other. And obviously neither of them liked their job. Everything felt heavily acted. The experience resembled a catalogue of conventional sexual positions of three bodies who shared nothing. Very disappointing.

That was a good lesson. He decided to behave like decent women do, which is to privilege quality over quantity.

Nevertheless, the failed experience made him see the real nature of his fantasy. Reflecting on the fake trio episode he reached the conclusion that what was missing were real feelings. He understood that he would only feel moved by experiencing such a situation if his two partners were indeed really attracted to each other.


What he was dreaming of was actually meeting two lesbians gently taking each other to climax. That was the trio he was longing for.

During the following weeks he asked his escort friends …

To be continued… 

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