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Escort adventures | A Dream Come True | Amsterdam and beyond | Part 1


The tales of a gentleman in the world of call girls and escortservices in Amsterdam and beyond. The personal story from a real cliënt…

The Chocolate Lollipop – A Dream Come True
The last couple of days have been confusing. Images and sensations keep flashing his memory from time to time, making it hard for him to focus on work, on what is happening around him. The bittersweet aftertaste of last week’s experience is a sign that indeed this was one of his life’s most memorable moments.

Ever since early childhood he has been convinced that any event arising too much advance expectation is bound to leave this strange aftertaste in his soul. He has experienced it many times. Usually he tries not to expect too much from particular situations, not only by fear of being disappointed, but also due to his character. He considers himself easy to please, always has been, and -hopefully- always will be.

But how could he stay calm, facing the possibility to fulfill a life-long fantasy? He found it impossible to keep the expectations down, and the afternoon before the event he felt his inner body temperature rise. He felt close to feverish when they called, ten minutes ahead of the agreed time, to tell him they were already downstairs.

Last Thursday evening finally proved to exceed his expectations in every aspect. This light sadness he feels now, when remembering, is not due to disappointment. He should have seen it coming. He smiles to himself, after all this is not so bad, for one claiming to be a Man, to be only a Chocolate Lollipop for one night.

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Yes he is a man, a good man, and according to his friends, a responsible man.

He intimately agrees with the description. He has pretty conventional tastes, has received a rather conservative education, and considers himself ‘the average nice guy’.

As is the case for any other human being, man or woman, he has fantasies, life fantasies, sexual fantasies. And as many other average males, his main sexual fantasy has been to make love with two women simultaneously. Is it the primitive need to spread one’s genes? Is it a secret desire for domination? Or is it to ensure the male can “inseminate” in spite of his female partner suddenly getting a headache? Haven’t scientists studied why males love the idea of copulating with two females simultaneously so much?

And what about women? In spite of all the porno films on DP and associated pleasures he does not believe women majoritarily share this fantasy. This is boys stuff. A girl friend of his, when asked wether she would like to experience sex with two partners, replied: ‘NO! We women privilege quality over quantity’. Ha.

Adventures with sexworkers in Amsterdam and beyond. The Chocolate Lollipop.

He occasionally reads a blog written by escort ladies in northern Europe, perhaps he should ask in the blog, these girls will eventually reply sincerely, but how does he ask the question? “Hi ladies, how do you feel about two men pleasing you at the same time?” Naaaah, it does not sound right. Never mind.

So, in spite of all his anthropological existentialism he, as many men, has been fantasizing about experiencing a trio. And since starting his sexual explorations one year ago, he gets the feeling that he is slowly coming closer to his objective.

His first trio ever, well… was not really a trio. In fact it wasn’t even a sexual experience. Almost a year ago, he entered a legitimate and no-happy-ending Thai massage parlor, ready for a relaxing massage. A charming Asian lady greeted him, she was alone, this was a bad afternoon for business, as it was raining heavily outside.

He remembers being…

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To be continued… 

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