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We welcome our clients to post reviews from our escort girls.

You can send them to us and we will post them on this page.

post a review now!

 Also we welcome your comments and feedback towards our site, what you like and what you don’t like and the way we present our escort girls. Or just anything that comes to mind)))

 *** questions: I had a very pleasing experience with Charly last Monday.
>I will be back at Dorint Sofitel Hotel Schiphol on the 29th and I am
>looking for a 2 hour booking at 10 pm. Can u let me know who would be
>Requirements – slim (lingerie model type)and good outgoing, adventurous
>personality with good english conversational skills. If possible photos
>would be appreciated.
>Best wishes,

***it was very ok
good choice

*** Dag Lieve Maria,
Fijn van je te horen en dat je aan mij denkt! Ik ben erg druk geweest en niet zo veel in Amsterdam.
Vanaf volgende week wordt het weer rustiger en neem ik contact met je op om snel een afspraak
te maken met je, zodat ik weer in die mooie ogen van je kan kijken!!!
Tot snel.

 Liefs #####

*** I’m in Rm #515 – it’s at the end of the hallway (walking across hotel from elevator). Quite nice. 5*
See you around 6pm.

### xo

*** Hi Ruby,

Just a quick question that I didn’t think of before. How much space is required for the Nuru? The bed is only queen sized (I’d say 140 cm wide) and there is not more space on the floor either. Just to make sure that the special sheet can actually work on a bed that size (as I don’t know what is special about the sheet 😉

Still looking forward to Kellys visit tomorrow!

*** My name is ####. I’m an American currently living in England but am considering moving to Amsterdam. I’ll be in Amsterdam Okt 22nd to late December depending on how things work out to help me decide rather or not to move there. I am seeking employment as an escort with your agency. Please inform me if there are any employment opportunities. The following are some current pictures of myself:

***Dear Zsazsa, thank you for your kind message.
Despite all fears, inhibitions, glimpses if guilt, etc etc etc (it’s a psychologist I should hire, not an escort ;), Loes succeeded in making me feel right, right as opposed to wrong. She is a gem, please take good care of her, I know you already do.
All the best, and hope to talk to you soon.

*** Hi Ruby and Gaya,
I want to thank you for a wonderful weekend! I had a great time and will sure to use your services again in the future. You guys were really helpful and gave me an opportunity to enjoy the weekend.
Thanks B

*** Ok that all sounds great. I’m just hoping my booking a single room won’t affect things now.
I am booked in under ######## and I will call with my room number.
I land at 8pm so I think 11pm might be a good time for Loes to come. I can maybe be ready before then though.
Does that sound ok or is that too late?
Thanks again. ####
Sent from my iPhone

*** I spoke with Ruby, and we’ve confirmed my date with Mami for tomorrow. The trip was very exciting, but also more stressful than I had thought it would be. I look forward to a fun, relaxing evening.

*** Hi Will be there Friday,will call when i get to Amsterdam thanks V

***Good Day! I have an old college-university friend who will we staying in your city this weekend on business. I gave him my highest recommendations of you and my experience with your girls. Thank you and I look forward to the day I return!! Enjoy your evening!

***Hello, I am confirming my travel arrangements and looks like I’ll be in Amsterdam the 3rd week of ######.  Thought I’d check and make sure M is still available?

****Just got back to the states and wanted to tell you I had a great time with Loes and Kelly.  If nothing else, they at least made me believe they had fun too.  Please pass along my thanks again.

*Please send me list of available tonight and access password

I want to thank you again for the wonderful service you provide. DeeDee was everything and more. Easy, funny and sweet.Thanks

*** Hoi Ruby,

Heerlijk geslapen gisteravond, dus ben er helemaal klaar voor. Is Jessica (?) Nog eventueel beschikbaar vanavond om naar #### te komen of een andere mooie dame van wie je een tipje van de sluier kan oplichten? Kan je nog iets meer zeggen over Mami? Qua figuur…Groetjes####

 *****I was speechless when I saw Mami. And even more, when I slowly understood that she is as beautiful inside, as she is outside. What a nice moment, to remember for a long time! Thank you Ruby, thank you Mami. I hope to see you soon.

**Dear RubyJust a note to thank you very much for arranging my escort booking with Cleo last Monday.She has a great figure and complexion, and was very responsive, as requested!Best regards from a well-satisfied customer

**opmerkingen = do you have someone available now for one houre escort in my hotel in amsterdam?thank you

** Could you send me a password, so I can enter the members area.


The ZsaZsa Amsterdam Escort Agency strongly appose’s to any kind of force, both physical or mental. We also do believe that being an escort is a very nice job if it is done the right way!

 For more information or an apointment send an E-mail to Ruby@zsazsa.biz
She will reply your mail straight away.


Escort: fun or risque?
ZsaZsa escort service Amsterdam sharing opinions on topics concerning sexwork, safe sex and what we would consider a good deal.
On offer there are loads of escort girls, presenting themselves with pictures, prices, preferences and do’s and don’ts.
You as a client, how to you take this? Is that the most important, what the escort girl does ( sexually ) and does not do?
Or is it the total picture, the presentation, pricing and the whole lot?

The services some escort girls offering telling me a scary story…

It seems to become very common to have unsafe sex on the menu, 8 out of 10 web sites offering this as if it was normal.

My point is: bbbj ( shortcut for bare back blow job in other words sucking your dick without condom), cim ( cum in mouth), cif ( cum in face) etc are big no’s!
For me as a professional in this busyness it upsets and worries me.
The person performing this services is taking risk. Health risk, and not a small one.
The person receiving this service is taking risk too.

Let me put it in a practical way:

First we have anal sex, then i give you a bbbj and then we french kiss.
Picture that??
Literally we are both eating shit!

At the same time it comes to mind that you are not her only client: in order to make a “normal” income a professional escort should have at least 10 working hours per week.
Of course we are all looking for the girl that does it just for fun and is totally into sex, in love with you and will give you your money back afterwards because your are the best ever…
Once you’ve found her you will probably go on the lookout for the next girl because the thrill is gone…
This was my professional opinion, as an Amsterdam escort girl.

My personal opinion is a different one:

I find it dirty to suck a strangers dick with no condom. Then going home and kissing my family on the check with that very same mouth that just ate sperm…
Then taking a health risk ( herpes, aids and what not) for money? No money is worth it. Then having anal sex for money, doing that with a guy who might be big, rude and inexperienced?
Sorry, it looks nice in porn movies but they took a clisma first, using tons of lubricant and going in and out that woman’s ass just one or two times and looping the movie so it looks like she is taking it hard and long.
I know stories of girls who are not even capable of holding their shit because their anus became to wide and damaged to close. It is a muscle after all, and there for a purpose.

I’m not saying that things never take place, the heat of the moment, the excitement and the mood can lead a man and a woman to discover new things and do things that are sexy for sure.

Just saying no to unsafe sex as a common practice!

Keep in mind that an escort girl choose her job because she likes to have sex, is open minded and loves to give pleasure. Besides that she likes getting well payed and wants to work discrete. Amsterdam escort Clients who can adjust to that, are her favorite escort clients.

You are free to leave your comment and opinion on the matter of unsafe sex offered by escort girls!

ZsaZsa Escort Amsterdam represents

the most beautiful independent European and exotic escort girls.

For ZsaZsa escorts this is a part time job, not a career. We want to have fun and quality time. You’ll notice the difference.

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