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There are plenty of questions left to ask. If yours is not yet answered : Don't hesitate: if you want to ask a personal question send us a Mail. We answer all mail personally.
Questions and Answers


Q Are there also girls that are not on your web site? A. Yes, there are many girls ( mostly local))who would like to stay out of the picture/internet! You can book them once we know you.

Q Can she come directly to my room? A. Of course, we don't have any problem visiting your hotel! (the ladies are well dressed and they behave like guests of the hotel)

Q How is she dressed? A. She is dressed as a hotel guest. She does not attract any attention from the hotel personnel or from any of the other guests. Our service is very discreet!

Q Does she speak English? A. Yes, all the girls speak fluent English! Some of the girls speak even more languages (like French, Spanish and German)

Q We are a couple, do the girls visit couples ? A.Yes,we also represent many bi-sexual girls! The overcharge for your partner is 100,- euro's per hour (m/f))). Just tel our operator of this night what type of girl you are looking for and she will guide you further.

Q Can I pay with a credit card? A. Yes, of course! However we do surcharge nineteen (19%)percent. I must tell you this in advance, so that you will not be unpleasantly surprised afterwards.

Q Is she healthy? A. Yes, definitely ! Our girls take great responsibility with their health! They have regular medical check-ups and they practice only safe sex.

Q How much is it for an all night stay? A. Well, we don't book more than three hours in advance (if you haven't met the girl before). We want you to meet the girl first and the girl to meet you. Than you can always decide if you want her to stay longer, and it is of course also her choice .

Q Can we have one girl with two / three guys? A. It is possible but you also have to pay double/triple. So for the same price you can meet two/ three girls. This is nicer for you and for the girls: party time!

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